Pontech Soluções Construtivas

Our History

The company Sulfibra Laminates, started its activities in 2006, producing fiberglass laminates with technology and quality, focused on attending with excellence the customers’ needs.

Acting in more than 15 countries, currently offers a complete solution to its clients, attending various segments through partnerships, it has a portfolio with a range of products: laminate sheets of fiberglass, polyurethan, adhesives, ironware, composites, logistics and foreign trade. It became Sulfibra Group, the headquarter is in Iomerê, Santa Catarina, Brasil.

Created with an entrepreneurial vision, regarded to the civil construction segment, with intelligent and innovating technologies through PONTECH SOLUÇÕES CONSTRUTIVAS. Presenting a specialized line of products regarding the civil construction, joining technology, efficiency, and versatility to attend the demand of the market.

Construction segments in the areas:
  • Trading area.
  • Industrial area.
  • Health area.
  • Refrigeration area.
  • Institutional area.
  • Sealing and partition wall.
  • Façade.
  • General coating. 
The company accounts with a qualified staff in the manufacturing of fiberglass laminates line for internal and external coating and FCM panels constructions.


Attending the growing demand of the civil construction market, innovating the existent constructive system, and offering quality products that provide agility and efficiency to the construction.


Being reference in solutions to the civil construction market when it is about FCM panels and fiberglass laminates coatings.

  • Commitment and professionalism.
  • Responsibility.
  • Ethics and reliability.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation.